Service Update from Vision West during lockdown


VisionWest is still operating from our staff homes and we continue to house people both in Christchurch and nationally. We are connecting with clients by phone (or doorsteps 2 meters away), for essential support only. Checking that everyone is well-supported and has everything in need to stay at home.

Our tenancy team is still working as well, with ensuring essential maintenance continues.


15. Apr. update:

In Auckland a 60 bed apartment style motel has been made available for rough sleepers. In Christchurch we have housed 4 families since lock down and continue to house people as the need arises. There is an evidence that our clients are struggling with the social isolation. Mother with young children or people with mental health problems seem to be the worst affected. people are also finding it hard to access normal healthcare, as these services seem focused on the pandemic response. Those needing emergency or transitional housing still need to approach MSD in the first instance.

Contact Details

Tenants Protection Association (ChCh) Inc
Te Tōpū Tiaki-ā-Kainoho
Room 3, 301 Tuam Street, Christchurch 8011
Ph.(03) 379-2297

info [at] tpa [dot] org [dot] nz (subject: Enquiry%20from%20Website)