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'It's submission time again!"

'It's submission time again!

We think everyone deserves to live in a warm, dry house, and feel safe and secure in their home.

Have your say to fix renting and rental homes

Did you know the Government is considering the biggest changes to renting laws in at least a decade?

Comments & Support for a Call for a Registration of Property Managers

Register of Property Managers


Lets ensure the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is fit for purpose

Reforms of the Residential Tenancies Act

Press Release:

" Tenants Protection Association (Christchurch) Inc. (TPA) welcomes yesterdays announcement of a review of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) by the Government.

Manager wanted for TPA

Manager wanted for TPA

We are looking for a new manager at TPA.  Please follow the link for information

The Chaos Cannot Continue

The chaos cannot continue

Press Release - Tenants Protection Association Christchurch Inc.

Response to Report by Sir Peter Gluckman on Methanphetamine contamination in residential properties. 

Spinoff - Telling What its Like for Renters

A brilliant piece from Spinoff telling it like it is for renters...again pushing security of tenure for renters and why it's important.  This is stuff we have been saying for years and still tenants live in fear for a number of reasons this piece is well worth a look.  Even if you are not a renter - you may gain some understanding of what it feels like for families and people living alone in rentals.  63% of rental households are families and 23.5% are people living alone.  


Christchurch Housing Forum Evaluation

Christchurch Housing Forum


If you are a member of the Christchurch Housing Forum, please take the time to complete the following survey evaluation. We would like to know your views about the forum and what you would like to see next year as forum topics.

It will take a couple of minutes of your time, please feel free to be frank.


For 2018 Survey results

Tenant Survey - Used our Services? Let us know what you think?

TPA Tenant Survey

Tenant Survey

Ignoring Social Housing is a Recipe for Failure

No wrong door approach

TPA has long been advocating a "housing first" model of homelessness prevention.  Get the housing right first, make it permanent and suitable.  THEN bring in the services and supports to ensure the householder remains in place.

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